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Love of beauty and uniqueness lies in the experience. One person in love can understand the feelings of others enjoy the happiness of love, and sometimes to his torments. Even if love is not easily defined term, the fact that he quotes a spontaneous feeling or emotion results in the birth of love.

There are many phases in love, like infatuation, love can be camaraderie, perfect love, empty love, romantic love, love quotes etc. can be written in any language, but his heart is always love.

Love QuotesUnfortunately, all love quotes are cheerful and optimistic. You can not expect a person who has suffered no love to write such citations. Discouraged, however, it will, and pay all his sufferings. This is why some love quotes are negative.

George Santayana, "Love is only half the illusion of fans, but not his love, is wrong"

"Being in love is just being in a state of numbness of perception - an ordinary young man for a Greek god or an ordinary young woman for an error of the goddess" HL Mencken

Love quotes are real words and original as they come straight from the heart of man.

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